Friday, February 26, 2010

A View From a Cubicle

This is from my temporary cubicle at our new facility. If I move out to the new sight perminantly, I hope to get one of the cube in that room with the windows. The one I'm in right now is TINY.


  1. I was gonna say the same thing as Em! We're on the side of the building with no windows. I guess they assume night shifts don't wanna look outside because it's dark & stuff...

  2. I love my cube with a window. I miss not being in our office that was floor to ceiling glass on three sides so I cherish that I have at least one side that way.

  3. My current work place has a bunch of windows, but because of all the computer equipment we have to keep the blinds shut all the time, so we get to see one tree, part of a building and a chunk of sky out the one window too high for anyone to look in.